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We provide you a flexible CRM solution that you access by an encrypted Internet link. You may use any Browser to access your CRM just like you access your online banking account. There is no software to install and you do not need any special hardware.

crm-now’s hosted CRM is ideal for small and medium sized businesses which require tools to improve their sales processes, opportunity tracking, and customer satisfaction but don’t have the resources or IT infrastructure for an in-house CRM solution.

The CRM is especially designed for small and medium sized enterprises which are

  • in the B2B business and
  • selling products or service with longer sales cycles and
  • need CRM access from different locations or by mobile devices

The key strengths of our CRM solution are

  • ease of use: an intuitive and easy to learn graphical users interface.
  • flexibility: user may modify menus and functions without programming.
  • interfaces: a large number of interfaces may link the CRM to other business applications.
  • favorable price: crm-now is uses a large amount of Open Source software to lower the development costs. crm-now passes the cost benefits to its customers. We also support Open Source communities by providing financial and programming contributions.


  • crm-now has over ten years of experience in the operation of IT platforms in data centers. crm-now’s operation relies on the highest currently available safety standards. Thousands of users trust in the security and reliability of the crm-now systems.
  • The systems are operated in German data centers and managed exclusively by the company’s own employees. All employees are qualified under data protection law and by contract obligated to be careful with sensitive customer data. Employee customer data accesses are logged. The German data protection law (BDSG) applies to all operations.
  • The data centers have various access control mechanisms, redundant power supply and Internet access, emergency power supply, air conditioning, and several separate fire protection zones.
  • The hardware of servers is based primarily on appliances from IBM and DELL. The systems are usually equipped with redundant power supplies, redundant hard disks (RAID) and proactive monitoring. All operating parameters of the IT infrastructure are captured by a complex monitoring and monitored around the clock. Our 24 / 7 support is notified of any fault reported within minutes. All customer data is stored in protected internal SQL databases and is not accessible through the Internet.
  • All data is backed up regularly and stored in separate fire zones.
  • The data transfer between a user (browser) and a CRM system (server) is done exclusively by a SSL encrypted 256-bit AES method. The security certificate has been provided by thawte, Inc. (a VeriSign company) one of the leading companies in this field.

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