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The CRM system provides you everything you need for the management and tracking of customer relationships in your sales, marketing and support processes. All relevant data is collected and ordered by their content and relationships to other data, sometimes even automatically. That is why in most cases you need only one click to get to the data you are interested in.

The outstanding CRM feature is the ease of use. You will have only a short learning curve and will be able to integrate the CRM in your business processes quickly.

Sales & Marketing

Functional mapping of your sales process, beginning with a lead up to a closed business and the follow up support processes Covering of address and activity management as well as document capture sorted by priorities Group Calendar Targeted campaign planning and providing of online and offline functions for mass mailings, phone lists or form letters Automated data processing and notifications to the rules defined by you Preparation of offers, sales and purchase orders, as well as invoices based on your product or service portfolio and related price lists or service contracts


Trouble Ticket Management System for collection and management of support requests FAQ menu Customer portal Project management


Fine grained security system to manage CRM users privileges flexible reporting and extensive data analysis with powerful filtering capabilities


  • Graphical User Interface for CRM administration
  • Customization of all master data
  • Recycle bin feature

In addition, the CRM has numerous interfaces with your other IT applications:

  • Integrated import and export interfaces (CSV, Excel, iCal)
  • Webservice interfaces (REST-protocol) for communication with other enterprise applications such as ERP, accounting or your web site
  • Automatic email scanner
  • MS Outlook © Plugin for synchronization of contact, calendar and tasks as well as email transfers
  • Thunderbird extension for import and export of contact data as well as email transfers
  • Android and iOS App
  • Campaign support with CleverReach (TM)
  • Campaign support with MailChimp (TM)
  • Campaign support with HubSpot (TM)