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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

CRM Online and  Technical requirements, safety and security

How does CRM Online functioning?

CRM Online is a service software which helps to improve the management of customer relationships and related activities. CRM Online consists of hardware and software which are operated in our data processing service center and provide the services smoothly over the Internet as a Web site. To access you will only need a Web browser and an Internet connection.

What are the cost benefits for my enterprise?

The need for a CRM system is different in every company. The achievable costs benefits depend on a match of the CRM standard solution with your requirements. With high coverage your company may benefit most if

      <li>- you have sales, marketing and service personal at different location, or</li>
      <li>- you do not want to invest in CRM, or</li>

      <li>- you are not working in IT and not want to buildup IT know how for CRM, or</li>
      <li>- you failed to install an in-house solution already, or</li>
      <li>- you are reconstructing or buildup your company.</li>

Due to the price transparency with no hidden costs crm-now provides easy to calculate cost advantages.

If cmr-now stores my data, is there a way that other crm-now customers may get access to it?

No! CRM Online service uses a private and secured data bank that is protected against unauthorized access. Securing your data against unauthorized use and damage is a very complex task that has to respond constantly to upcoming new threats. crm-now has extensive experience in IT security and protects your data with reasonable care. Moreover, there is a good chance that the security measures taken by crm-now are more advanced than the measures in your own enterprise.

May I lose control over my data?

You have always control over your data. It is always possible to make copies of the data and transfer it to your enterprise. In addition, the capability of online access from any computer will improve the control over your data in case of an emergency or damage to your own IT infrastructure.

Is CRM Online fast enough?

The CRM system is linked to a high speed backbone network. The operational availability is part of the Service Level Agreement and contractually guaranteed. Furthermore, crm-now offers special dedicated access lines with guaranteed quality of service.

Who has CRM Online access?

Your enterprise purchases a license and decides which user may access the system. Several options for setting user access privileges help to maintain control over user’s access based on their positions within the company.

Where can I get help?

With your registration as regular customer or as demo user you get access to our support team. In addition you are provided online with a large set of manuals and other useful information. Our technical support team is available 24/7.

What Internet access is required?

crm-now recommends to use only Internet access points which are protected by firewalls and other security measures against Internet based threats. For reasonable usage your Internet access speed and throughput should be sufficient as it is e.g. by using a DSL line.

What type of computer is required?

We provide you the CRM system on our secured servers in one of our computing centers over the Internet. To use the CRM from any computer you need only a modern Internet browser and a fast Internet connection. Please note the following minimum technical requirements:<br>
    <br>Hardware:<br>Platform:     PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Thin Client with Internet Browser<br>Screen:&nbsp;&nbsp;Super VGA<br>(1024 * 768 pixel)<br>Software:&nbsp;Firefox 2.0 or newer<br>Internet Explorer 6.0 or better

How does crm-now secure my data against unauthorized access?

CRM Online is hosted at our data processing service center in the Berlin. The access to the servers is protected by username and passwords. In addition, a secure connection is being maintained by using strong encryption mechanism based on secure protocols such as SSL and https. Optional we offer access control by chip cards.